Resources: Fishing, Abjuration, Enchantment

Summary: Pheia lies deep below the ocean, beneath a shattered island chain. Pheia was once a beautiful island nation, until a cataclysm some time ago sank it beneath the ocean.
In a desperate move, the greatest abjurers in the nation banded together and took up a barrier to repel the rushing waters. Soon after, with more time and magic, they were able to expand the city in domes.. each with it’s own abjurer.
This is a taxing thing, and sometimes abjurers do not last long in maintaining bubbles, yet despite the burnout rate being high, it is considered an honor in Pheia society.
The actual government of Pheia is an oligarchy, similar to Ancient Greece. Beautiful mosaic walkways, looking outside of the bubble domes in order to see the deep blue sea. It attracts a multitude of tourists who consider Pheia a vacation spot. Reaching the bottom requires use of complex transportation systems using the well made Pheia abjuration magic.
Besides this, the people of Pheia are proud, yet aloof to the rest of the world around them. They consider travelling outside Pheia to be just as a vacation as the people travelling there.
Not all people from there are like that, those chosen to become Myrmidons are bred from birth to be soldiers. Exposed to growing amounts of pressure from the deep sea floor, these soldiers are the backbone of the small but mighty Pheia military.
Cultural dress: Ancient Greek dress, togas, whites, etc

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