Resources: Enchanting, Diplomacy, Divine Etching

Summary: Alfheimr is thought to be the birthplace of all life. Set within a ring of mountains called the Cradled Mountains their kingdom resides in the center of them amidst a lush clearing where the Great Irminash Tree is. From this tree flows a spring of water that gives life to all that resides at the center of the Cradled Mountains.

There isn’t a time that is known where the Alfar have not lived within the Cradled Mountains watching over the Great Irminash Tree. They have built their entire city around it; above it and below it. The Ljosalfar(Juice-­owl-­var) (Light Elf) live on the surface protecting from above wielding their magic  and learning all they can from the world by traveling out in it. The Dokkalfar(Doo­-kal-­var) (Dark Elf) are Alfheimr’s great knights who train in the high altitude of the mountains and live in deep depths beneath the Great Irminash Tree. No one knows why when Alfar bare children they always bare twins. One a Ljosalfar born to the sun and the other Dokkalfar born to the moon. Being born to the sun usually means the child will be more emotionally driven gifted for restorative magic while being born of the moon usually means the child is more logical and gifted in physical fortitude and magical illusion. It is not unheard of for a child born either of the sun or moon to go against this however it is a rare occurrence. Those born of the Sun learn the ways of magical healing and learn all that they can from the Alfheimr’s Great Library. Those born of the Moon learn much in the same way those of the sun do with the exception of being trained as Silt Knights. This duality exists throughout their entire society through few of the outside world understand it.

Cultural Dress:

Ljosalfar(Juice­owl­var) (Light Elf) dress in white flowy roads much like the mages of Valsan. Though some dress more earthen toned like the Fae of the Eternalwoad. Still their dress is always well kept and simple with ornate elven embroideries. They paint a delicate sun or a simple yellow or golden mark on the center of their forehead sometimes even wearing a jewel that looks like the sun.

Dokkalfar(Doo­kal­var)(Dark Elf) dress very plainly almost in a gothic style clothing simple yet utilitarian. They dress in whites blacks and greys. Their armor is usually always black or dull with a tree symbols usually on some part of it with a moon visible through its branches. They paint simple crescent shapes on their faces to symbolize the moon or even a crescent jewel on their forehead.

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