Resources: Diplomacy, Trading, Divination

Summary: The Boreal-Lurin Bazaar is a roving caravan not unlike the Grand Caravan of Bhutaar though that is where the similarities end. For the bazaar appears almost from nowhere bringing strange goods to trade and a strange race know as the Djinn. No one knows where they come from but some speculate they have a home deep within the great southern desert.

The Caravan is made up almost entirely of Djinn though some have either married into it or through adoption have become part of it. Ruled by the two great families Boreal and Lurin the Djinn travel restlessly in search of new things and new people with which to barter and trade with.

Cultural Dress: Those from the Boreal-Lurin Bazaar dress very exotic yet practical for the desert in which they spend most of their travels through. Think fancy silks and linens materials sewn into baggy breathable shirts and pants.

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