White Cloud Republic

Resources: Seamanship, Treated Lumber-craft, Trading, Diplomacy

Summary: The White Cloud Republic consists of a fleet or reformed pirate admirals now in contracted service to Il Paraonde. They hail from a cluster of islands not far off the coast from Il Paraonde. Some of the best sailors and ship builders come from White Cloud. The population of the isles is predominantly human, having originated as pirates from local villages and Il Paraonde.  Though the Admirals and their subordinate Captains may take on crew as they see fit, making each ship’s individual populations quite unique. As such each ship could contain its own set of codes or morals with which it honor and lives by.


Cultural Dress: They dress not to unlike people do in Il Paraonde except with a tad more flair with feathered hats and heavily buttoned coats and vests.

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