The Eternalwoad
Summary: A forest of trees who are constantly changing as though they are experiencing all 4 seasons in the matter minutes. It is said men go mad entering this forest and hallucinate their wildest dreams. No one know why the forest allows the Seelie Fae who honor the sanctity of life and the Unseelie Fae who become enamored with the endlessness of death to be immortal not even the Fae themselves. Many Fae leave the Eternalwoad to experience the thrill of life with an end only to return for fear of actually dying. It is said if you make it through the Fae-woad you will find the Shire of Barleybuck were the Bobbin folk live.
Cultural Dress: Regal and beautiful clothing mimicking flower petals and flower colors for Seelie. Cold and Fall colors mimicking fallen leaves and Snowflakes as well as icicles for Unseelie.

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