Finis ~ God of Death and The Underworld


Symbol – The Skeletal Hand

Summary: Finis is a former god of destruction turned god of death and underworld as penance for his previous transgressions. He is worshipped and portrayed as a sickly old man, with skeletal figures and exposed bones. Most of his worshippers, clerics and paladins are undertakers, keepers of the dead, and doctors. It is taught in their tenants to not only revere death but to not fear it. Most hate the undead with a passion as unnatural life is an affront to Finis.. There is a small shrine to Finis found in any settlement as to make sure that the dead are well taken care of on their way to the Underworld. Depicted in stories as a soft-spoken and caring god, his gift to mortals is a fair judgement in the Underworld.

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