Grand Caravan of Bhutaar

Resources: Agriculture, Horsemanship/Breeding, Bowyer/Fletcher

Summary: The Grand Caravan of Bhutaar is made up of a wide array of tents, yurts, cattle and horses that are constantly on the move. Populated mostly by and founded by orcs, this caravan is well regarded for the bet horses and bows in the world. Travelling to most other kingdoms and trading with them, they are a simple, tribal folk who believe in the duality of nature, worshiping mostly the tandem of Stalk and Solace. They were once a war­like race united under the banner of a great leader named the Andakhan, and an empire called the Mogatai EMpire, but a sudden death of their leader and the appearance of a wise shaman chief turned them into the peace loving people they are today. They work to go against their known nature, so they are slow to temper and very well meaning. A very religious and superstitious culture.

Cultural dress: Mongolian inspired, furs, leathers, rider­esque clothing.

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