Resources: Monster crafting (weapons and armor), Enchanting, Leatherworking

Summary: If Alfheimr is considered the birthplace of all natural life then Harshorne is the birthplace of all the enormous unnatural monsters in the world. At the foot of an active volcano deep within the Forbodenwoad the city of Harshorne resides. Once home to the Winter and Summer Fae before a great cataclysm brought forth the scourge of monsters which now roam in the forest called Forbodenwoad and the great desert Nok west of the river Wyrm. Now it is ruled by the Wishlings and the few Fae that are left. They fight a seemingly never ending battle against the scourge of enormous monsters in the desert land and the cunning monsters of the forest hoping to reconquer their land.

Some say it is the most unforgiving land to live in as everything around you is either trying to kill you or eat you. Those who live to adulthood are usually the strongest and fastest as well as cunning. Trained from birth to be great hunters the inhabitants of this kingdom are some of the fiercest known in the world.
Cultural dress: Due to their close alliance with roving Djinn merchants of Boreal-Lurin Bazaar and with IL Paraonde the city has become heavily influenced by those cultures mixing the more regal qualities of both while still sticking to their own ritualistic culture. Their city is wealthier than most from all the trading of exotic goods they acquire from slaying monsters and as such most dress in simple regal black and gold clothing clad with decorative leather pieces.Those who are monster hunters stick to the more traditional culture and decorate themselves in the trophies of their monstrous prey while trying to adapt to the ever-changing influence of the world around them.

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