Il Paraonde

Resources: Diplomacy, Market, and Architecture

Summary: The kingdom of Il Paraonde is the largest city on the western coast on the continent of Gjof. The capital city resides directly at the mouth of the river Kykr Vatn that springs from beneath the Cradled Mountains of Alfheimr. From the it stretches for almost a hundred miles north and south of the river Kykr Vatn with the over 12 fleets of ships varying from trade ships, fishing ships, a naval fleet, and ships for diplomatic convoys. The main port also has a dock specifically for the White Cloud Republic.This dock is where the ships headed to the new world are, and where those who are traveling to the new frontier will gather before setting sail.
The Kingdom itself is run by a council of wealthy merchants whose main concern is the health, wealth, and safety of the kingdom and all its citizens. The wealth and prosperity of the city has birthed some of the most accomplished and respected schools on the continent. These schools range from music and the arts to diplomacy and business; As such, many travel from around the world to learn at these schools and to enjoy the rich and diverse cultural atmosphere the port kingdom attracts. It is the city where dreams come true. Where a person can come with nothing and become rich.
After writing up the Alfar Pact they have gathered emissaries from around the kingdoms to discuss plans to set sail to a new continent across the great western sea. They hope to establish a new settlement for the benefit of all the kingdoms.

Costuming: The Kingdom of Il Paraonde is a tropical paradise where its citizen’s dress in bright flowing garments. Many of the cultural dress from around the many different kingdoms can be found here but with the flair and bright coloring that Il Paraonde is known for.

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