Ire ~ Goddess of Anger, Zealotry and Vengeance

Symbol – Heart of Fire / Sword Dipped in Fire and one in Ice

Summary: Ire is the fire that drives the change in the world. She symbolizes the purification with a holy fire and the vengeance of divine ice. Viewed sometimes as the mother of all Fae more for her vengeful protection of them throughout history. This has kept the Fae untroubled throughout the world. Thought of as the divine hand of vengeance. Most who worship her and pray for her to avenge them for any wrongs they can’t enact themselves. She is seen as the goddess who helps the weak and powerless. She empowers those who ask for her holy anger and rage to aid them towards a righteous cause. Bringing about change by and through a zealous fire. Of all the gods she is one of the most feared.

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