Iron Empire of Durgheim

Resources: Weapon-making, Unique Alloys

Summary: An empire whom do not worship the gods, but worship the concept of law and justice. A book of laws given to the nation by the first Iron Emperor, called the Iron Law, dictates every aspect of their lives. However despite the seemingly oppressive landscape, it leads to a nominally peaceful life without crime.
An empire of a long and bloody history, created from the ashes and husks of small kingdoms and city-states past, the capital was created on a large swath of iron, and with some of the best blacksmiths in the world, created a unique way of blending metal called Durgheim steel.
Each Iron Emperor does not rule the nation for the most part, but leaves most governing to the Council of Iron. He is usually seen fighting with the Iron Guard, a world renown and most sought after mercenary organization and what the Iron Empire is mostly known for besides Durgheim steel.
Cultural dress: Germanic dress, lots of blacks and greys.

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