Kingdom of Draioch (Dree-Ock)

Resources: Lumber, Monster Hunters, Alchemy (Buffs and Healing)

Summary: A land shrouded in a near constant thick fog and rain, it is a land in dire times. Rolling highlands and large swaths of forest are mixed with roving bands of undead, banshees and other strange creatures of the night. The kingdom is cursed by the death wish of a powerful necromancer, the Curse of Balor, causing all manners of havoc.
The people here eek out a bare living, not venturing far at night and stuck inside their motte and bailey towns.
However, there is a ray of hope, with the help with a coven of witches and some of the brightest alchemical minds, the Kingdom created a new type of monster hunter in the Order of Druth. Hunters empowered by alchemical concoctions, powerful hexes and great skill.
Cultural Dress: Kilts with clan tartans

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