(This document is intended to give simple explanation to the existence of magic of Erolan and what people know.)

Ley Magic: The study of Ley magic has been a massive undertaking for years by magic colleges around the world, especially in Valsan. It is understood that this makes up a majority of the standard magic cast by the citizens of Erolan and it stems from the leylines which cross all over the planet, both some on the surface and some through the inside of the planet itself. This theory has been accentuated by the fact that magic gets stronger closer to a leyline for some.
It is widely believed as well that ley magic, and all magic that stems from it is a gift from the god Wry, who among his many domains is the god of magic.

Fire and Ice Magic: Elemental magic differs from ley magic as it has been found. Most believe that the gifts of fire and ice and their magic blessings came from Ire’s swords. One of pure fire and ice. Some of the best users of the magic of fire come from the Eternalwoad and Harshorne.
Large groupings of people believe that these two magic sources are her gift to aid the world in times of struggle, and to commit vengeance. Yet there are those who realize that both fire and ice can be used for life, and believe there may be a deeper meaning still.

Earth Magic: Earth magic has only recently been understood more, with the arrival of the Dwarven race on the surface en masse. The power of Earth magic is to manipulate the earth and all of it’s bounties to benefit you. This can be from something as simple as throwing a large mass of rock at your foe, to turning a patch of dirt into mud to slow your enemies. The Dwarves believe, with all things, that this power comes from their creator, Mur-Azarak, but others believe differently. Some other strong practitioners of Earth magic come from the Therian Tribes, as they use the manipulation of the earth to hide their villages, and to hunt.

Wind Magic: The magic of Wind is a powerful magic, that can give roaring life to fire, allow ships to sail, and it can also remove the very breath that a being takes. It is believed that this power was taught to the people of Erolan by Fleet, as one of her blessings. One of greatest specialists of wind magic are found in the Sultanate of Sahir, where four great wind mages protect the Sultan from harm. Instances of wind magic speciality elsewhere is in the White Cloud Republic and Il Paraonde, where many wind mages may be used to give favorable winds to their ships travelling in and out.

Blood Magic: Blood magic is a misunderstood and powerful magic. Many are distrustful of this magic in some nations, but other nations view it with great respect because of it’s power. It is the power of drawing energy from one’s own life force, and from another’s life force. It is believed that the origins of blood magic come from it’s strongest practitioners, the Fae of Erolan. Not many other places truly can ever compare to the blood mages of the Fae, nor do some dare to traverse that path.

Shadow Magic: Another source of magic that is steeped in mystery. Practitioners of shadow magic are far and wide, who tend to keep to the shadows that they so love. This magic is the ability to manipulate the shadows of yourself and creatures, as well as the very darkness itself. The primary belief is that this is a gift from the goddess Brume, who wished for people to fear the darkness, but to also understand it’s bounty. Some of the best users of shadow magic are the ninja of Yomi, who have learned some deep secrets of this magic school to aid in their profession.

Primal Magic: A strange and misunderstood magic, the people who gain the ability of Primal magic do not understand where it came from, or how they got it. It is the mastery of nature, embracing the power of a beast, or something as growing a wall of thorns to shield yourself from your enemies. Some associate it with the gods Solace and Stalk, believing that they were given a gift. A side effect of having primal magic is beset by strange dreams which they have a hard time ever interpreting, which includes strange noises.

Hallowed Magic: A diverse set of magic, which comes from of one of the twelve deities of Erolan. Through the anointment and worship of a deity, they receive blessings of this deity which becomes power. One must follow the tenets of these deities in order to continue growing in relationship and power with the deity. It has been seen that ones who fall to sin, may lose their power.

Sonus Magic: The power that comes from song and dance is powerful. No one dares underestimate the power of a bard, as they have been seen inspiring entire battalions of soldiers to victory, or shattering weapons being held in one’s hand. There are none who truly understand where the power of Sonus comes from, yet that it takes a natural talent to harness this. The hallmark of a Sonus user is a fascination with all things sound, and a yearning for learning. With this, they also have a strong urge to protect those around them. Lastly, at all times, a user of Sonus magic can hear a small thrum, not annoying, but soothing. No one has figured out the origin of this, or why it exists.


Arcane Engineering: A newly accepted form of ritualistic magic that combines tinkering, imbuing and magic crystals. Originating in Harshorne, it is now practiced in many other kingdoms.

Ritualistic Summoning: An unaccepted form of magic that is prohibited in most kingdoms. Those who practice it are shunned as untrustworthy and dangerous.