Magocracy of Valsan

Resources: Scroll-making/Magic, Diplomacy, Bardic College

Summary: Massive spires jut into the sky all over the small kingdom of Valsan along with a massive arcane barrier that protects it from direct attacks. Magic is a normal part of life of the kingdom. From lighting homes to assisting them to farm, the kingdom is rife with arcane arts.
Founded as a small wizard’s guild, locals soon congregated near the guild for protection and eventually a large city was born. Six large and famous wizard houses tend to rule the nation.
The ruler is decided by something titled the Arcane Joust, in which the six major wizarding families and others compete in a to the death duel in order to decide the most powerful wizard. As deadly as it is, most of the time there are no Arcane Jousts at all, as no one is willing to risk their lives.
Valsan is known for it’s wide variety of magic schools, arcane workshops and more. The people of Valsan come from all varieties of life.
Cultural dress: Wide varieties of deep colored, beautiful robes, and enchanted looking jewelry.

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