HP – 4

Photosynthesis: Once per day, Mungo can regrow a severed limb. Ten count to regrow limb back. I.E. regrow 1, regrow 2, regrow 3…etc

Overgrow: Once per day, a Mungo can enter a Rage growing in size and might. In this rage, they can tell friend from foe and may perform a feat of great strength. 1 min
Kingdom Skill

Moonglow Kingdom: Recoup time is halved down to 5 minutes. Can not go below 5 Minutes.

Mungo – Your origin is unique to other Mungo in that you are born from a newly formed Gravemind hidden close to Port Harmony. While your demeanor and personality can be whatever you choose it to be, your knowledge of the world and how things work in it are minimal. You will know how to speak common as well as Mungo[telepathy with other Mungo] and have knowledge of day to day things such as mimicking eating as other humanoids do to fit in.

As with other Mungo though you are innately magical and your link to the land is powerful. You have a deep belief in something all Mungo refer to as the Great One. Your biggest drive is attaining knowledge of things you don’t know outlined by what type of Mungo you are. When you die, you may regrow from the soil after depositing your knowledge into the Grave Mind you are born from.

Makeup: Mongu have mushroom caps instead of hair and simple facial features with earthen hue skin color that contrast their cap/crown colors.

Buttons have round caps small caps simple coloring on the tops with spots.

Takis have elaborately bright colored caps which can be any shape of naturally occurring fungi

Sentinels have wide/flat or pointed caps which can be textured and usually consist of one to two earth tone color tops

Note: A submitted backstory along with plot approval is needed to play this race.

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