Event Information
Events cost
$40, or Free to Full time NPC.
Each game attended provides you with 5 build and 1 Insight to advance an Attribute.

Buying Back games
We will allow people to buy back games missed at $30. However, you only get Insight for advancing attributes by attending our games. If you buy back an event you will receive the 5 build but will not receive Insight.

Full time NPC is Free.
We require our players to NPC a period each game.
Friday Night(10-2)
Saturday Morning(10-2)
Market Place(2-3)
Saturday Afternoon(3-7)
(7-8 is a soft hold for feast)
Saturday Evening (8-12)
We will do our best to make sure every PC gets the period they want. However, if we find periods are empty we may move people around. If you preregister you get first pick of a desired NPC shift.
During an NPC shift you are required to play a plot or monster role, if a medical reasons prevents you from actively fighting or walking to do your NPC role then we will ask you to help clean up the Monster hut.

Alternate character
Players can play multiple alternate characters. However, they can only switch during period changes, once they switch the player must remain that alt for the remainder of the period. A player can divide their monthly 5 build between their characters as they like.

Retiring a Character:
Players can choose to retire their character if they wish to make a new one. The new character will receive for 1/4 the insight and build rounded up of the previous character.

Holds and Clerifies
A player may call a hold in the matter of an injury or threatening situation. In which case everyone is required to take a knee until the hold is resolved, those unable to take a knee must stay still.
We have 4 out of game calls in FD:
Hold: Dangerous or serious situation all are required to take a knee until resolved
Clarify: Between 2 or more people: used when a player would like to know an effect or greater clarification on a situation.
Caution: Used when a dangerous situation is about to arise. An example would be if you are fighting an NPC and you notice they are about to get to close to a bench where they could potentially trip.
Scene: Called when a staff member is about to describe an in game effect or paint a complex picture in PCs heads that only movie magic could pull off such as “the ground fills with lava and huge demonic hands spring forth”

Volunteering and Donating
We provide Pizza coins per every $10 spent on items donated or tasks completed to assist with the game. These coins can be spent on in game items during auction months as well as buffs for the event.

We will provide Saturday morning Breakfast and Feast on Saturday. Players are permitted to bring their own food. We will always have a Meat and Vegetarian option.

We donate at least 1/3 of all game profits to a chosen charity for the month we run the event. The charities may vary month to month.
We have an open door policy with our finances of this game. If you ever want to know where your money is going please feel free to ask.

Staff Availability
There will always be an active Staff member in the Inn and when a staff member is on duty they will have a blue wristband on. Please be mindful of staff who do not have wrist bands on as they may be taking time to recharge or deal with an out of game situation: please only approach them if it is an emergency.

Rules of Consent and Personal Saftey
At FD we use 4 techniques of handling intense situations. We will never have content aimed at Suicide or Sexual Abuse. It is hard to know every players’ fear or keep track of what may cause duress for some people, we want to make sure our players are safe as well as creating situations in game that cause intense drama and an enhanced horror element.
*Please note that we will have immersive intense, potentially stressful and horrific mods that are meant to enhance, dramatize and thrill but the player’s safety and mental well being are always our top priority.

The first rule we have in our disposal is the stoplight rule.
If ever you are in a situation and feel it elevating say yellow light to let the player or NPC know that they need to cool it down, If things continue say red light and that person is to stop step away and let you collect yourself in any way you see fit.

The second rule we have is the space rule.
Sometimes people need time to re-energize or take it easy. We will never penalize anyone for needing some time to collect themselves or recharge. If you need to step away from a mod, you have the right to not be questioned about it and have your space.

*Please note that you are responsible for your own self care, if you need to step back the mod will continue unless a hold is called.*

The third rule is the rule of consent.
PCs and NPCs must ask consent before physically touching you. Physical role play in our game is defined by touching the arms, legs, upper back or stomach only, when asking for physical RP permission please state “do you consent to physical RP” if you wish for a player not to touch you in any of the assigned physical RP spots please state “no” or “ Yes but just not my X”. Most in game props not on your character can be physically taken with the exception of bags. Players are not permitted to touch, look inside or move another player’s bag or pouch without permission in or out of game.

The fourth rule we have is the Orange wristband rule.
Players who wish to have their boundaries pushed by dramatic intense situations and horrific scenes may choose to wear an orange wristband. This indicates that you are fine with small amounts of physical Roleplay, physical challenges and horrific scenes. If we think there will be Orange content on a mod the NPC hooking it will say “things could get hairy” “Hairy” mods will never have anything on them that would punish you progression or powerwise. Players have the right to ask the marshal in the white head band if something involves X content that marshal will reply yes or no. Please note that NPCs may follow this rule as well. If you do not see an NPC with an Orange wrist band you must ask permission first before physical RP.