New/Old Azarak

Resources: Armor-making, Engineering, Diplomacy

Summary: The former Kingdom of Azarak is a tale of sorrow and loss. Once a great kingdom of Dwarves, they built massive cities deep beneath the planet. Halls of beautifully crafted stone, massive forges of flowing lava and tempered metal were contrasted with simple temples made to their deity Mur-Azarak.
A society oriented around family, justice, order and work, the Dwarves unfortunately dug too deep and unleashed a multitude of foul beasts which turned Dwarven brother against Brother. A massive war to keep their homes ensued, in which the Dwarves slowly lost their ground. At a desperate hour, they chose to flood the halls and kingdom with massive amounts of lava, and fled the Kingdom.
The refugees that fled the surface found that the sunlight nearly blinded them, and they had to come up with quick solutions to protect from the sunlight. In addition, they had to rely on the charity of Oathbreaker dwarves, dwarves who were exiled from the Mountains, to live in a new city in which they dubbed New Azarak.
A pact was made, the Grudgebound Pact, in which any Oathbreaker dwarf that aided in the retaking in the mountain would be forgiven of any crimes and given a home, and that the Dwarves who swore the grudge would one day retake Azarak. They branded a Dwarven rune of “A: on their face or hand, in remembrance of home.
They are a religious, justice and family oriented society who are not quick to share their emotions unless they deeply trust someone. Yet they are charitable and friendly, an Oath from a dwarf should be taken very seriously, as is their word.

(Note: Oathbreaker Dwarves can be from anywhere, Grudgebound dwarves are played as refugees from the Mountain)

Cultural dress: Very simple earth tones, all males have length beards decorated with trinkets having a variety of meanings. Grudgebound dwarves have sunlight sensitivity and have to wear some sort of eye protection (goggles, eye black, foods, etc). Females put their hairs into buns and braids.

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