Obake Spiritual creatures who are regal and traditional. Often considered “wispy” and beautiful.

Max Age: 200 Years

  • Kitsune (Fox)
  • Tanuki (Raccoon)
  • Neko (Cat)
  • Usagi (Rabbit)
  • Usagi (Rabbit)
  • Shika (Deer/Faun)
  • Tengu (Crow)


Make up:

Elegant markings of a single, solid color resembling kitsune masks, small horns, animals ears and (optional) tail which reflect one of 6 sub-types: Kitsune (Fox), Tanuki (Raccoon), Neko (Cat), Usagi (Rabbit), Shika (Deer/Faun), and Tengu (Crow). Hair and eyes can be any color. Faces are generally white or pale under the markings.

While most Obake have small horns, though size and color are random at birth, they always have the ears and tails of whatever type of Obake they are. They have kitsune mask marks on their faces which can be any one color. The markings vary from person to person and can be minimalistic or extreme, where the faces are usually pale or white from the remnants of the masks. Hair and eye color combinations are limitless, as they were not affected by the change.

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Fox Neko unspecified