Shire of Barleybuck

Resources: Agriculture, Luxury Goods, Woodworking

Summary: Bobbins are rumored to be descendants of the Fae of the Eternalwoad and elsewhere that instead of staying within the boundaries, wished for more. They wanted to explore and interact with the world. Over time, those who left, evolved into the race that we now know as Bobbins. The original thirteen families are claimed to be the descendants of the original ones who founded the shire of Barleybuck.
The shire of Barleybuck is a beautiful landscape of rolling green hills, shimmering lakes and boundless serenity. The smell off food, pipe tobacco and hearth fire permeate the air all throughout the day and night. You can sit in the middle of the lush green fields and hear the faint the sounds of hundreds of stories and songs being sung and told throughout the night, that is when a party or festival is not going on, which the Bobbin folk have many.
Cultural Dress: Modest but well kept clothes, comfortable but practical. Suspenders, overalls and flood pants for working in gardens and wood shops.
Sundresses and big hats for women in order to have proper picnics in the sun.

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