We provide Pizza coins (Spirit coins is the in-game term at Frontier dawn) per every $10 spent on items/money donated or 1 hour tasks completed to assist with the game.
The real coins can not be stolen in game but may be traded.
Pizza coins can be spent at any EPPPI event to provide bonuses, extras and improvements unique to that event.

Deny Fate: (Once Per Character Ever) Reset Death Deck – 50 Spirit Coins

Favor of the Heroic: (Once Per year) Gain an extra insight – 10 Spirit Coins

Test Fate: Redraw a detriment (Must take the one you redraw) – 2 Spirit coins

Soul Market:
The Soul Market will be open for business! This will start with the first game of the year, then once every 3 months. During the Soul Market, Soul items will be raffled off. 1 Spirit coin = 1 ticket. These magic items and weapons become soul bound to you (the item cannot be stolen).

The Gentlemen’s Challenge:
The Gentleman comes to challenge those who believe they are worthy.
A high stakes mod will be run once a year, with a chance for great rewards. The Gentleman will come to town and challenge those heroes brave enough to pass his challenges, and cunning enough to survive. The price to enter this challenge is one spirit coin with 5 previous events attendance minimum. Those who seek even more of a challenge can pay increasing increments of 5 spirit coins to add random modifiers to raising the challenge of the mod while increasing the treasure and rewards for those that survive… This challenge is not for the faint of heart.

Purchase Spirit Coins: