We provide Pizza coins (Spirit coins is the in-game term at Frontier dawn) per every $10 spent on items/money donated or 1 hour tasks completed to assist with the game.
The real coins cannot be stolen in game but may be traded.
Pizza coins can be spent at any EPPPI event to provide bonuses, extras and improvements unique to that event.

Deny Fate: 50 Spirit Coins, once per character you may reset your death deck. You have 1 hour to find a marshal and pay your coins.

Favor of the Heroic: 10 Spirit Coins, once per character per year, you may buy 1 Insight.

Soul Journey: 5 Spirit Coins, once per character per year, you may reset your build in the character generator. Must give staff 1 event to accommodate this change. Roleplay at event with a staff member for further effects.

Test Fate: 2 Spirit Coins, redraw a detriment from the deck.

Soul Market: Every third game, you may purchase a raffle ticket for unique magic items. 1 Spirit Coin for 1 ticket. These objects are soul-bound.

Monthly Boons

Each Boon is purchasable once per month.

Each boon is 1 Spirit coin unless otherwise stated.

Well Rested: Recoup time decreased to 5 minutes for one event.

Elemental Boon: Swing Fire, Ice, Shadow, Blood, Lightning, or Earth for one event. Roleplay effect is that your weapon is empowered by the leystone.

Self Aware: May use both of your racial skills for one event.

Fast Learner: Learn one skill you already qualify for instantly, using build gained this event.

Powerful Hands: 2 Spirit Coins, Swing +1 damage for one event.

Purchase Spirit Coins: