Sultanate of Sahir

Resources: Enchanting, Transmutation/Evocation, Exotic Goods

Summary: The Sultanate of Sahir is located in a vast oasis amidst large swaths of desert. The people who live there are hard working yet enjoy a variety of music, art and science. Walking through the streets, one could find music filling their ears and smells of a variety of foods.
Due to the well run magical schools, access to large gem mines and a spot sitting astride the only trade routes through the desert, the Sultanate is known for it’s magical creations, including a family that is the only known family in the world that can create magical carpets that can fly.
The rumor is that the original Sultan of Sahir found a magic lamp in which the freed being from it granted the Sultan wishes, transforming portions of the harsh desert into the beautiful oasis it is now.
However, the Sultanate is vastly protective of it’s trade, and any trade to go into the main city must go through only the first rung of the city, and they are equally protective of their magical secrets.
Despite all this, they are a fun loving, generous and wise people.
Cultural dress: Arabian Nights esque dress, flowing whites mixed with a variety of colors, clothes that fit desert life.

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