Resources: Agriculture, Herbalism/Alchemy, Leatherworking

Summary: In a vast territory spanning the entire Grey Wood and the Namarin Plains , the Therian Tribes claims dominance. Shamanistic tribes of predatory animals melded with humanoid form, three ancient tribes have worked together to protect their homeland.
Skirting the southern border of the Grey Wood, the werebear clan of Tulsharad watch the borders. Centered in the Namarin Plains, along the east of the Grey Wood, the werewolf clan of Heraack stands watch, ever vigilant and untrusting of nearby Durgheim. Deep within the thick canopy of the Grey Wood, the wereowls of clan Wurian remain elusive and wary.
These three clans were once at war, each tribe claiming dominance of the same territory, each confident in the supremacy of their totemic devotions. Only through the intervention of the wise mystics of the wereowl clan, who had thus far removed themselves from the conflict, was an accord reached. Each tribe would claim an equal section of land, to safeguard at each other’s benefit. For through the divination of the wise mystics, was it discovered that the greatest threat, one that would sweep away all tribes, had yet to show itself.
Cultural Dress: The therians as a tribal people wear mostly neutral colored furs and leathers. Their attire is usually simple but functional. For ceremonies, bright colored feathers and dyes are used.
to show itself.

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