Qualifying for Titles
All Titles at Frontier Dawn follow a few specific requirements. First, a character must have 10 insight before qualifying for any Title. Secondly, that character must have submitted a Character Backstory Submission Form. Together, these requirements help staff to best understand your characters goals and determination while qualifying for the various Title requirements. Upon qualifying
for a specific Title to the satisfaction of staff, opportunities will be granted for the character to earn the Title in question. Whether this takes
the form a teacher with a mission, a series of quests, etc., you will earn the abilities of the Title in game.

Progressing through Titles:
The majority of Titles have a passive benefit, and several skills to earn on them. When you first officially earn a
Title, you immediately gain the Passive Benefits of the Title, as well as the Apprentice Skill of the Title, which represent a skill which every
member of the Title can use as part of their theme and basic training. From then on, a player can only purchace one skill from their Title (using
build as normal) per event that their “teacher” spends with them. A player cannot learn new skills from their Title without their teacher.
Below, the Titles are divided between their majority attribute requirements for you convenience.

Body Titles

Defensive combatant who excels at close range protection of others. Intercept or Got
Your Back (Insight 3 Body)
Tenacious (Insight 8, Body)

Offensive combatant who has intimidating skill wielding two handed weapons.
Intimidating (Insight 7, Body)
Dire Strike (Insight 5, Body)

Unseen Blade
Master of stealth who focuses on disabling the foe before delivering the final strike.
Tumble (Insight 4, Common)
Eye Gouge (Insight 7, Body)

Weapon Master
Versatile combat who can keep foes off balance under a swift barrage of attacks.
Broadside (Insight 7, Body)
Redirect (Insight 5, Body)

Sharpshooter Archer
A specialist who masters ranged techniques and trick shots with projectiles. Point Blank
(Insight 7, Body)
Quick Shot (Insight 3, Body)

Hybrid warrior magi trained by Valsan who nuetralize users of dark magic. Reflect
(Insight 5, Body)
Sourcegaze (Insight 4, Mind)
Silence (Insight 5, Mind)

Alchemically altered warriors from Draioch who specialize in team hunting tactics.
Kingdom: Draioch
Detect Hidden (Insight 3, Body)
Redirect (Insight 5, Body)

Mind Titles

Blood source user who masters their own blood to release devestating effects. Draining
Strike (Insight 3, Mind)
Transfusion (Insight 7, Mind)

Shadow source users who manipulate the dark to frighten or entangle their foes. Shadow
Vanish (Insight 3, Mind)
Move in Shadow (Insight 7, Mind)

Fire source user who gains empowered fire magics by focusing on burning an enemy. Fire
Burst (Insight 3, Mind)
Scorched Limb (Insight 7, Mind)

Ice source user who specialize in slowing their enemies to a frozen crawl. Ice Block
(Insight 3, Mind)
On Thin Ice (Insight 7, Mind)

Earth source user who specialize in defensive magics and manipulating earth. Boulder
(Insight 3, Mind)
Encase In Earth (Insight 7, Mind)

Lightning source user who master swift movements and blinding their foes. Conducting
Rod (Insight 3, Mind)
Chain Lightning (Insight 7 Mind)

Spirit Titles

Initiate of the Ashen Leaf
Humble worshippers of Solace or Trance, who defend hearth and community Riposte
(Insight 5, Body)
Sense Life (Insight 1, Spirit)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Solace
or Trance

Swift warriors of Fleet, who channel the storm to defend beauty and innocence. Flurry
(Insight 5, Body)
Radiant Smite (Insight 3, Spirit)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Fleet

Prophetic disciple sof Wry
Prophetic disciples of Wry who are taught to find and seal away dangerous magics. Sense
Vile (Insight 2, Spirit)
Ethereal Countenance (Insight 5, Spirit)
Sense Magic (Insight 2, Mind)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Wry

Druid Initiate Primal
Source users who begin to master their communion with nature. Germinate (Insight 4, Spirit)
Animal Nature (Insight 7, Spirit)
RP: Defending the purity of Nature

Road Priest
Devout of Trance who defend the bonds of fellowship, and those who wander. Cure Light
Wounds (Insight 3, Spirit)
Concentration (Insight 4, Spirit)
Sound Body (Insight 2, Body)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Trance

Initiate of the Wild Hunt
Disciples of Stalk who honor the Cycle, and spirit of the Wild Hunt. Nature’s Eyes
(Insight 2, Spirit)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Stalk
Exposure to the Spirit of the Wild Hunt

Armed disciples of Writ who seek to protect the innocent, and topple tyrants. Smite
(Insight 3, Spirit)
Excommunicate (Inight 6, Spirit)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Writ

Devoted priests of Finis who defend the living from the horrors of the undead. Radiant
Smite (Insight 3, Spirit)
Purge (Insight 7, Spirit)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Finis

Aegis of Pith
Philanthropic defenders of the innocent, sworn to defend the weak at any cost. Keeping
The Peace (Insight 5, Spirit)
Intercept (Insight 3, Body)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Pith

Unnamed Disciples of Brume
Some hidden worshippers of Brume must exist, though no one can prove they do… Smite (Insight 3, Spirit)
Blend In (Insight 6, Common) or Shadow Vanish
(Insight 3, Mind)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Brume

Swords of Ire
Intense warriors of Ire who can wield their namesake blades of Fire or Ice. Judgement
(Insight 7, Spirit)
Turn Vile (Insight 5, Spirit)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Ire

Bleak Gatherer
The favored of Dolor, who are expert healers of both mind and body. Cure Light Wounds
(Insight 3, Spirit)
Make Whole (Insight 7, Spirit)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Dolor

Agent of the Trickster
Mischief makers of Puck, who master the random and inflict it on their foes.
Quake (Insight 3, Common)
Intuition (Insight 6, Common)
RP: Consistent RP emulating the tenets of Puck

Seeker of the Song
Sonus users who interpret a mystical song that seems to surround them.
Choir (Insight 8, Spirit)
Sour Note (Insight 3, Spirit)
RP: Curiosity into the harmony that surrounds you.

Common Titles

Individuals who can talk their way out of (or into) seemingly any situation. Share a
Drink (Insight 6, Common)
Fillibuster (Insight 8, Common)
RP: Consistent and clever use of diplomacy or

Crafting Titles


Ritualists who have reached a pinnacle of finesse in their art, the Prismatist can perform impressive alterations of lesser rituals that can protect themselves and their allies, and even suppress the magical abilities of rival Mind users.

Skill: Enchant (Path of the Syphon) (Ritualist, Insight 2)
Skill: Major Source (Ritualist, Insight 7)


Alchemy is an art form as well as a science, and Apothecaries are considered professionals among healers and poisoners alike. Having the ability to create powerful elixirs, Apothecaries know the secrets of bypassing the limits of normal potions, risking dangerous side effects in the process.

Skill: Alchemical Resilience 1 (Alchemist, Insight 3)
Skill: Distil (Alchemist, Insight 5)


Outfitters of vast experience, an Artisan has begun to experiment with unusual materials, resulting in powerful combinations gear. Quick and learned in their craft, Artisans can quickly arm a group of people with masterwork quality gear.

Skill: Fiber Blend (Outfitter, Insight 5)
Skill: Field Repair (Outfitter, Insight 7)

Racial Titles

A note on Racial Titles: The following Titles are hidden, until they are unlocked in game. All of the following Titles are entirely RP based,
and will be unlocked based on both the actions of the players, and the events that unfold in game. When you unlock a Racial Title, you
immediately gain access to both of your Racial Skills (see FD Rulebook), and the entirety of the Racial Title in question, without cost.
Racial Titles often involve the addition of a prop or make-up to a character, as these all involve some sort of powerful change in your
abilities, which will be revealed as the Title is unlocked.

(Wyrmkin) Hidden
(Orc) Hidden
(Therian) Hidden
(Dwarf) Hidden
(Human) Hidden
(Wishling) Hidden
(Djinn) Hidden
(Obake) Hidden
(Fae) Hidden
(Alfar) Hidden
(Bobbin) Hidden