Wishlings – Once thought to be mere story and legend, the Wishlings emerged from the Forbidden Forest (Forbodenwoad) to reveal themselves around 2000 years ago. It was their pursuit of their prey into the northern lands, the monsters they call Ingens, that led them beyond the borders of their homeland. Their skills at hunting and monster slaying are what they are most known for outside of Harshorne. The common misconception is that Wishlings are simple hunters. However, they have developed into a rather advanced civilization that rivals some of the more well known kingdoms of the old continent.
“In maxima omnium rerum” (greatest in all things)


Make-up: Red or blue skin, long pointed ears and short or long horns on their forehead. They have a third eye or jewel centered on their foreheads and black markings on their face and skin. The markings can be detailed or subtle and are usually in a geometric or tribal pattern.

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