Writ ~ God of Law, War, Justice and Toil


Symbol – Anvil and Hammer

Summary: The god of war, justice, order and toil, Writ is depicted normally as a stocky, toned tan human wearing a suit of shining plate armor wielding his intelligent, enchanted hammer Truthbringer while some show him as a simple blacksmith who forges weapons for the gods. Writ is worshipped by soldiers, mercenaries, lawmen, all manners of workers and artisans. Most worship his tenants as truth, justice, hard work and righteousness. There are a few sects who differ, and worship him as a deity of harsh order and war, however these are very few in size and number. His acolyte attempt to embody the scales of justice, truth and righteousness, and some join a holy adventuring organization called the Dawnwalkers who travel the world serving the people through good acts whether it be something as simple as destroying a local menace or overthrowing a local tyrannical governor, they’re initiation known to be secret

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