Resources: Agriculture, Enchanting, Exotic Magic Tailoring, Light Blades

Summary: The empire of Yomi is a lush, mountainous land brimming with beautiful flowers and riddled with small bodies of fresh water. In the center of the empire is the Palace of Tsujin, an ornate building which towers over every other structure in Yoshino, the capital of Yomi. Continuously shrouded in a glowing mist that seems almost magical, Yomi is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The people of Yomi have a strong connection to nature and believe that their Emperor Tsujin is the voice of the Goddess Solace, whom they hold festivals for many times throughout the year. Many people travel to Yomi to experience the fine clothing, exotic foods and breath-taking landscapes; but all those who travel there remark that the general atmosphere is very sophisticated and traditional which can be stifling for some.

Beyond the empire lies the vast amount of Daimyo, or Lords, that rule over certain portions of the nation. They pay taxes to the emperor in both coin and goods, as well as spending half their time in Yoshino. In order to protect their land from bandits and roving monsters, they have hired out samurai in order to serve them. Warriors trained from birth in all forms of weapons and armor. Some of these samurais choose to not serve lords, and wander the lands fighting monsters and being adventurers.

Cultural Dress: Traditional Japanese Garb; (Kimono such as: Furisode, Kosode, Yukata or a 2 piece with Hakama pants/skirts)

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