Resources: Alchemy (Exotic Poisons), Agriculture, and Diplomacy

Summary: If there was a capital city of decadence it resides within Zenith. Zenith’s is ruled by its rich upper class while the poor live on the outskirts of the major city. Every year they host the Grand Melee where the poor are given a chance to change their status to earn the title of Zeni and are rewarded with riches fit for the status. Some of the most skilled blade masters hail from Zenith because of the rewards from winning the Grand Melee. Due to the the decadence of their lifestyles and the almost impossible means required to sustain them, much of the rich rely on thieves and assassins to procure wealth and secure power weeding out potential competition.


Costuming: Baroque style clothing think 1800’s Spain/France. Long coats or capes. Lots of patterns in rich dark colors with ornate jewelry and feathered hats.

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