Frontier Dawn is a Sword and Sorcery Classless LARP that operates in South East PA ran by
Eternal Pizza Party Productions. We will be donating 1/3 of our yearly proceeds to  IMAlive .

We are the front line in a new land. The Pact binds us together to fulfill the oath to set forth to this new shore. To uncover its mysteries, to explore and discover it’s treasures, and to face the dangers it holds. Under this Pact we are unified. We must work together to survive and build a home for ourselves. We must seek out that which will give power and aid to our homelands, our people, and our factions. And above all else in this dire land, we must seek to live and honor our gods and claim our own place in history among their greatest followers. So, can you survive the new Frontier as a new age Dawns?